Monday, August 11, 2008

Organization Week!

I am declaring this week of my life National Organization Week! Normally when I organize, I buy all those cute little organizer things from the dollar store, but since we ran into a bit of a cash strap last weekend, I'm going to *attempt* to do it without those handy little organizers. If I fail,'s only a few dollars, but it's money I'd rather not spend if I can do without.

I will try to remember to take before pictures (although I'm usually really bad at this) and after pictures so you can see *gulp* how disorganized my life was before this week.

Here is my planned schedule:

Monday - bathrooms (we have three)
Tuesday - kitchen cupboards
Wednesday - kids' closet *HUGE GULP*
Thursday - paperwork
Friday - office (corner of our bedroom) and laundry room (read: closet)

I am happy to say that our living room is very well organized and, with the exception of our office area, so is our bedroom. I'm not going to even TOUCH on the garage, but I'm *hoping* to get that done this week sometime as well as clean out the cars. (My husband still has winter gear in his car!)

Stay tuned for daily updates!

1 comment:

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I am so proud of you. I would love to see before and after photos. I am going to do this for my bookshelf this week hopefully.