Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I meant to put up a Wacky Wednesday post yesterday. Really, I did. But then, as it sometimes happens, time somehow just slipped away from me. Nevertheless, I have some good news to report!

My studio (which my husband has so generously devoted every waking moment - except those moments that he's working, of course - to for the past 5 days) is almost complete! The spackling is FINALLY finished and he started texturing last night. Unfortunately, the "estimated coverage area" on the texture bottle was....well....FAR from accurate, and what he thought would cover two sides of a wall actually only covered about 2/3 of the first side.

Lo and behold, things are moving right along and I am so thankful for my husband doing this for me. I'd love to do it myself but with being pregnant and all, manual labor isn't really "my thing" right now.

I wasn't able to make it to the hardware store yesterday as I had planned, so I'll have to make that trip tonight....probably while my husband finishes texturing our walls and possibly gets a start on the painting part of it too.


I am thankful for numerous things involved in this process:

1. I have a VERY devoted, generous husband who has hardly slept for the past week just so I can have my studio completed by Saturday. (I actually am planning to use it on Saturday. I didn't just pick a random day and demand it finished by then.) :)

2. God has truly blessed my business endeavors over the past year and therefore we've been able to build this wall with only business funds. We will not need to donate any of our personal money to the cause.

3. Our children have been going right to sleep at night (a miracle for ANY week!) so we've been able to get lots of things done during that after-bedtime time.

4. (This one has nothing to do with my studio....) I am officially halfway through my pregnancy today! So far, everything looks great. I have my ultrasound next week, but we will not be finding out what the gender of our little one is. Of course, unless we change our minds. :) But we probably won't.


By the way, if you'd like to see the studio, you can visit my photography blog. There are a few entries, so you can just scroll down and get the latest info. :)

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katherine said...

i love that you're not finding out the gender. some of my friends here are offering to take a collection to get us an u/s (which, we could afford if we wanted), because michael doesn't want to spend the money and the midwife won't "require" it. they want to know this baby's gender more than we do. funny, huh?