Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy, Wonderful, Busy, Beautiful Chaos

Happy Monday! It's almost Easter and I love ham! Ok, I know that Easter isn't about eating ham. I know it's all about Christ coming to die for me to cleanse me of my sins, and for that I cannot even really think of how to express my gratitude. So for the time being...I will express my gratitude for ham. :)

This weekend proved to be a little crazy. But really, when is it not? I honestly don't remember Saturday. At all. Yesterday, we spent the day toting the family around to church, a birthday party, and a relative's home. We usually do ONE thing per day. Not three. One. Hence, the craziness.

This week is exciting as we are drawing near to a trip to visit my family, but it's also completely yuck because my husband is working some sort of crazy training shift on top of his regular workload, allowing him to be home at totally abnormal times of the day and leaving the kids and me to...well....find things to do when he's not here. I have a list of things we're going to make, create, shop for, purchase, and pack. So we have no shortage of things to do. It's just how and when to get them done that should be exciting.

I will try to post regularly, but I may resort to pulling up old archives (for my newer readers) to fill in the gaps for a few days. Have a great week, everyone!

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Belinda said...

Yay! I'm excited for you to come home (well, my home)! Our game of phone tag will finally end....