Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My little girl spent the evening in the ER last night.

She is such a little stinker! She found a bottle of Claritin in my purse last night and had opened the "child-proof lock", resulting it me going into a COMPLETE panic. I called 911 who directed me to poison control who directed me to go to the ER with her.

We sat and sat for 4 hours and she was fine. They said she would have had to have eaten more than 4 pills to have an adverse reaction (seriously??? 4 pills in a 2yo????), so apparently she had fewer than that, if any. She told me she ate some, but who knows if she actually did.

Here is a (terrible quality) camera phone picture of her in her hospital bed holding the little bear she was given when we arrived:

Anyway, we are thankful to be home and that she is fine! But boy, am I exhausted!


Lindsey said...

So glad she's okay. Looks like she was enjoying herself! She's such a cutie! :):)

Laura said...

Glad to hear she's ok! My daughter (4 at the time) swallowed a metal marble which apparently she put on the inside of her cheeks to look like her hamster! This being at 10pm at night as we were to leave ON A PLANE TO BOSTON at 5 am the next morning! She too went to the ER and we were advised to take our xrays showing the metal ball in her tummy in case she set off the metal detectors at the airport (which she proudly showed to everyone and anyone who would look!). Get some rest! :)

Miney said...

Ugh... I'm glad she's okay. Wow, what a stinker!