Monday, February 9, 2009

Money Monday . . . Cheap TV

Many of you might subscribe to cable (and you might not). We have been off of cable for some time now. Well, we have the limited basic which is your basic channels plus a few government channels and one cable channel (AMC I think). Anyway, if you do find you miss some of your shows once you shut that cable off you may want to visit You probably have heard of this. It is a free website that allows you to view many shows. You can watch Home and Garden shows. Shows on Bravo. You can also watch recaps of your shows from ABC, NBC, FOX and so on. There are also several movies and family friendly shows.

You can also visit Nick Jr. to watch Dora and some of the other Nickelodeon cartoons. If your older children liked Cartoon network they have some of their cartoons on their to watch for free. Just be careful, some of their cartoons are very inappropriate.

Also, once you get those converter boxes that the government is subsidizing (don't you love that TV is now a NEED instead of a want), you will also get more channels than you have had (unless you already have an HD TV). You will get at least three PBS stations and other stations as well.

We have our computer in our kitchen so we can moniter the shows that our kids watch because it is in a central location. It is nice also to be able to watch cooking shows and other things while I am doing the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Also, there is a satellite company called Sky Angel that only allows family friendly programming. The subscription is not very expenisve, but the set up might be. I haven't checked into it that much, but if someone has, please let me know what you think.

If you have any more tips for free TV or entertainment, please let me know.


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godchild said...

I subscribe to Sky Angel's tv service and love it, but it’s not a satellite service. I didn’t need a dish or satellite, just a high speed internet connection and their special box (similar to a cable company box).

There’s so much to watch and I get 70+ faith-building and family channels for about $25 a month. Set up wasn’t a lot cause I took advantage of a special offer Sky Angel had on their website.

I still have cable, but reduced my plan with them so I even saved $$$.