Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overcome with Grief

As I was surfing the net tonight, I came across this horrific story about a 16-month old boy who was murdered last month in a Chicago daycare. According to the daycare attendant's own testimony, she became frustrated with the child for being so noisy so she slammed him into the floor. From there, he grabbed his blanket and crawled to his "comfort zone", a bouncy seat, where he later died.

I am absolutely heartbroken over this. My youngest daughter is 16 months old and this story just hits too close to home. The tears continue to fall as I type this post.

People are ranting and raving about why such a woman as this would have been allowed to be a daycare aide. But I am reminded that we are ALL sinners by nature, we are ALL prone to outbursts of anger, and we are ALL capable of this. Does that justify her act? Absolutely NOT! But as we consider this story, let's remember that any of us at any time could lash out in this manner. Thankfully, solely by the grace of God, most of us have not.

Hug your kids a little tighter today. Count your blessings a little more often. And you think of this family and their tragic loss, pray for them. I just cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through....

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Jacquelyn said...

This is why we take the financial hit and I stay home with my son. It's nice to see someone throw grace towards another human being. I pity the person that ever hurt my child...he's too important for someone to lose their sense of reality for even a split second.

Thanks for your blog! I enjoy the recipes very much.