Monday, December 8, 2008

I Know It's Not Thursday, BUT.....


Today I am SO thankful. Some of you know that our mortgage company (along with the state of Indiana) completely messed up our taxes and we received a notice this past fall that our payment was skyrocketing from $700/month to $1200. We were stunned and confused. We could afford the payment, but just barely. And we knew it wasn't right, so I have been on the phone with them on and off for MONTHS, trying to make adjustments. We've been waiting and waiting for our tax statement (which normally comes in May) and last week it FINALLY arrived.

When I called today to see if our mortgage company was going to adjust our payment, the woman took one look at our loan and said "Wow, that makes a huge difference!"

Our payment dropped to $947! What a blessing! And if you don't think that's a big deal, let me just tell you....YOU'RE WRONG.

Oh, and one more husband just called to tell me that he's getting gas for $1.36/gallon. Whoop whoop!

I am so SO thankful! I praise you, Lord for your everlasting goodness to us!


Amy's Anecdotes said...

What a blessing about your payment! Ours was quite a bit lower than we thought as well...YAY for cheaper mortgage and cheaper gas!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I am also thankful. We have to escrow our taxes and our insurance because of the type of loan we have well, we got a check for $791.00 in the mail out of the blue for overpayment of escrow. We were pretty excited about that!