Friday, December 5, 2008

Foto Friday!

I was just looking through some posts from the last week and discovered that I completely missed Foto Friday last week. That works out well for me too, considering I have hardly had time to touch my camera in the past 7 days. It also means that you haven't seen any pictures from my latest family session (unless you stalk my other blog too), so I'll just share one of those with you. :)

This family was super fun! Alright, so it helps that we're friends outside of this business, but shhh. We walked down the canal and around the circle here in Indy in the FREEZING COLD a few weeks ago. We had a short (but very tiring) break inside when we climbed the observatory tower at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. It's 365+ stairs - and even the toddler made it! Anyway, they were such troopers and I think we got some great shots despite the bitter cold weather.

Wait....why am I writing you a novel? I must think I'm blogging on my photography blog. I'll get on with it. One of my favs:


You can see the rest of their session here.


Anonymous said...

Why is his hand in her pants?!

Heidi Stone said...

ANONYMOUS: It was cold!!!!!

....At least, that's what HE said. :)

Actually, the story is funny. Apparently while I was shooting, they were discussing the hand in the pants pocket. He said nobody would notice. She said they would.

Oh boy, was he wrong! Lol. But I still think it's adorable. And it's still my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

I do "stalk" your other blog, so I've seen this shot already. But I loved that his hand was in her pocket. I can't put words to it - it just seems so openly/honestly affectionate.

In his defense, a lot of other guys probably would not notice it. But no way that women would miss that detail! There's just something very endearingly sexy about it.

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

My Mom noticed right away and asked him why his hand was in my pocket. His stated "she is my wife, I can put my hand in her pocket".
And, his hand was really cold.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, it is one of my favs. of us too! Great photo. LOL! At least I am not gummy....LOL!