Thursday, September 24, 2009


I feel good today. In fact, I feel great today.

Still no baby, but for the moment, I am totally content with that.

Last night, I only had to get up to go to the bathroom once. ONE TIME! Can you believe it? To top that off, I actually slept the entire time from 10pm until almost 8am. I don't think I've slept like that in weeks. I know that this is nothing short of a great blessing from the Lord. There is absolutely no reason that a woman who is 41 weeks pregnant should sleep that well. Many of you have been telling me that you've been praying for me and I can really feel the prayers right now. As silly as it seems, I have not been praying for rest. I've been praying for the baby to just come. And despite the fact that the Lord has chosen for that not to happen yet, I am feeling so blessed today. So refreshed. So renewed.

As far as how things are going....progress is being made and my contractions have become increasingly strong when they do come, but they have not brought forth the child of my womb just yet. :) I have what will likely be a final appointment tomorrow, at which time my midwife and I will discuss my options for bringing this child into the world. I am still praying that that appointment will not come and that the baby will come on its own before then, BUT if God's timing is later than that, I am confident that He is in control. My midwife doesn't really like to let her patients deliver past 41 weeks, but I think I've talked her into letting me wait until Monday, which would be 41 weeks and 4 days.

I continue to covet your prayers and encouragement, but know that the Lord has been so good to me and has renewed my strength in this time of waiting!

"Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles; They will run and not get tired; They will walk and not become weary." (Isaiah 40.31)


Miney said...

I'm so glad you're doing well, Heidi. :) We'll be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to sleep and only get up once to go pee!
I on the other hand....I'm tired.

Amie said...

I'm glad you're hanging in there. I've never even entered the last month of pregnancy so I can't even imagine what you're going through.