Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Goodness, Has It Really Been Six Days??

Sorry for the lack of updates. There is still no baby on this end and I've basically been an emotional basketcase for days now. I'm not really sleeping anymore (up every 30-45 minutes) and am therefore completely exhausted. I have no motivation to cook, clean, or do much of anything else. It's probably just an attitude problem that I should take care of, but I also know that I'm physically and emotionally tired and I don't want to wear myself out.

I never really expected to make it to 40 weeks with my FOURTH pregnancy, but here I am....39 weeks and 6 days. And still no baby. I have an appointment today for a non-stress test as well as an ultrasound to check on things. After I scheduled my appointment, I thought to myself....I probably should have just declined the ultrasound. At 40 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasounds are EXTREMELY inaccurate, specifically when determining the size of the baby. Large weight estimates are oftentimes a reason to urge labor induction (regardless of the fact that ultrasounds usually estimate weight incorrectly and can be up to THREE POUNDS off) and considering I was measuring a bit large a few weeks ago, I'm sure that would add to any "large estimates" via ultrasound, if that happened. So I'm praying that the ultrasound tech will be wise in her estimate, that my doctor and midwife will continue to be supportive of waiting things out if a large weight estimate becomes the only indication of "concern", and that I will be wise in discussing my options with them.

If all goes well, I plan to continue waiting on baby's timing (really, the Lord's timing) and attempting to be patient in the process.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me and thinking of me these past few weeks. I appreciate it!


Andy and Cari said...

All of my ultrasounds said big baby..and I had 2 big babies, They were right on with their estiments...I do know they were off with Keaton. Praying...

Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

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