Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Sunday

I don't generally blog on Sunday, but today, since my family is outdoors playing in the sunshine and I'm exhausted due to my busy weekend thus far....I'm indoors and I'm blogging.

Get over it.

Yesterday felt like a crazy day for me even though I barely left the house. I was awakened shortly after 6.30am (thank you, girls) and suddenly felt the need to do TONS of laundry and clean all the bathrooms. (As a sidenote, I absolutely REFUSE to clean the bathrooms in this house one more time before this baby comes.) So I did just that. I did washed, dried, folded, and put away four loads of laundry. And cleaned the bathrooms. All while my husband napped. (He had worked an early morning shift.)

I had planned to go out and run some errands in the afternoon when my husband reminded me that we had a "End of Summer" party to attend. I decided to take a short nap instead. Well, that nap ended up being about an hour and a half and it was lovely.

Around 4.30p, we drove the 3-mile trek to my brother- and sister-in-law's house and enjoyed some very tasty food which was NOT prepared by me. It was great. We headed home a few hours later, sweaty kids in tow and headed for the tub. All three kids were washed, dried, dressed, brushed, and in bed by 8.30p. Whew!

Daniel and I sat down to watch I, Robot while he gave me a foot massage. I ate chocolate chips. know you do it too.

We both managed to make it through the whole movie and went to bed around 10.30p.

I have no idea what was going on with our children last night, but it seemed like nobody was sleeping. I don't recall them having much sugar at the party, but they must have had something because it seemed like there was a child in our room every 30 minutes for a good portion of the night. Of course, it's normal for me to be up that often....but definitely not normal for them. Eventually everyone got back to sleep and surprisingly slept until nearly 7.30a this morning.

I squeezed in a shower while Daniel made breakfast downstairs and we got to church -- *gasp* -- early.

I know. We're amazed too.

I only had to use the restroom twice in the 2 1/2 hours we were there, which was a miracle in and of itself. We had driven two vehicles so that after church I could run some errands.

I hate running errands. I was really ONLY running them for the SOLE purpose of "walking the baby out". Well, that and Daniel said we were out of eggs. So I made my way around the mall, Motherhood Maternity, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, JoAnn, Walmart and Meijer before I headed home late this afternoon.

Still no baby.

I decided that we could live on cereal until the baby comes, so I bought 3 large bags and 2 boxes of cereal as well as a few gallons of milk! Ok, I also bought a few other things (like eggs), but mainly I bought cereal.

I'm sorry. But cooking completely wears me out these days.

And speaking of's now nearing 5.30p and I have no thoughts on dinner whatsoever. None.

We have two chicken breasts in the fridge that I'm sure will turn into something magically delicious (if my husband has anything to do with it), but I'm just not sure what exactly. Guess I should get on that....

Hope you all are enjoying a great long weekend! I'm looking forward to Daniel being home an extra day this weekend, although to be honest, I'm really hoping to have this baby soon.

But I'm sure you already knew I was going to say that. :)

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Lindsay said...

You're awesome. I am so bummed that we didn't get to see you again before we left, but that's how it goes. I'm keeping you and the little one in my prayers. Can't wait to hear the details and see pictures on here.
I hope it's ok if I use your photography blog in my Writing for the Web IUPUI online class as an example of great (well written / well photographed / well designed) blog. I would use this one, but I wasn't sure if you wanted 100+ IUPUIers to hear about your personal life... not that anyone who tried to find it couldn't work it out...
Anyway let me know!