Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm not doing it any more. I'm not even going to say, "I hope my baby comes on _____day," because, as can be noted, that obviously is not helping the situation.

It is now Saturday, the 19th. It's two days past my due date and my little one is sitting comfortably in my womb. My doctor has informed me that my womb is "just too comfortable" for him/her. I told her that I wasn't sure there was much I could do about that.

My second non-stress test went well yesterday. For some reason, I sat in that darn room w/ the monitor attached to my stomach for nearly 2 HOURS. But I didn't care. I was reading. And it was quiet. And someone else was watching my kids.

I know, I'm a horrible mother.

After my appointment, I scheduled my next non-stress test for next Wednesday and went on my merry way. My kids got a "snack lunch" today because I was exhausted and we got home right around naptime. Honeycomb and iced tea.

I know. Just pretend I never told you.

I took Reagan in to see her pediatrician this afternoon since she has been extra whiny, clingy, and sniffly lately. I suspected an ear infection and wanted to check on things before the weekend hit and (hopefully) my labor. She was fine. Teething, but fine. And for once, I was actually glad to have paid the $20 co-pay for no reason. It eased my mind and that was most important today.

As we were leaving, I had *the talk* with the nurses in the office.

"Oh my!"
"Are they going to induce you?"
"I bet you're so ready!"

I have to admit, I'm getting tired of it. And I know that if I make it through tomorrow, I'll get it at church too. I know I should just be grateful that my little one is alive and well in there (and I am grateful), know....I'm tired. With all the trips to the bathroom, nighttime contractions, my lack of ability to get comfortable with this giant....BELLY....thing, and my children waking me in the night, I'm hardly sleeping much anymore.

On the upside, I read an entire 550-page book in 4 days this week. I don't think that's happened since, like....ever. I credit most of that to several hours at the doctor's office and my husband's graciousness in allowing me some extra sitting time while he takes care of the kids in the evening. And if you've never read "The Oath" by Frank Peretti, I recommend it. I read it way back in middle school but it was nice to read it again.

But back to the baby....

Your continued prayers are appreciated. (Even coveted, I might add.) And, as always....I will keep you posted.


Andy and Cari said...

SO, Have you had that baby yet? ;)

Miney said...

Some time when I actually cook dinner, I will bring some over to your house. I'm still recovering from my baking crazy of last week.