Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday . . . Vehicles

I have a thankful Thursday post too! If you would like to read about my post on my (Gretchen's) blog today, please go here. I am throwing a House Party that is a Saturn House Party. I won't go into a whole explanation, but I get to drive a new Saturn vehicle for a few days. Well, they called for me to pick up the Saturn yesterday at around 5 or so. Well, honestly about 4 pm my husband calls me. He was out running errands. He told me to come pick him up because our truck had died. I came to try to "jump" start the truck and it would NOT start. Well, we have AAA (I highly recommend that by the way) so we called them to come and tow it to the mechanics and then we went to pick up my Saturn that I get to drive for a few days. I just feel blessed that this worked out the way it did. There are no accidents and I know the God is even in the small things even if things worked out not as we intended.

So, I am thankful that I signed up for this just in time for our truck to be out of commission for a few days!

Happy Thursday!

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Lindsey said...

Very cool! God definitely was working in that situation.