Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Loves Freebies??

I mention the website ALL THE TIME, but I again want to just say how great it is! Thanks to this website, over the past few months I have signed up for free magazine offer after free magazine offer and have recently started receiving these magazines. I have a serious weakness for magazines, but I could never actually pay for a subscription to one. You will, however, find me in the grocery checkout line scanning the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living or Good Housekeeping. Well now, I don't have to! In the past few weeks, I have received probably a dozen magazines and have enjoyed reading them all! Magazines are also great resources for kids' projects! So I'm excited to have a free stockpile. :) This is just a few of the magazines I've received absolutely free:

DSC_0225 (2)

Have you received any great freebies lately? Do you break into a sprint every time you see the mailman coming? Please tell me I'm not alone!!! :)


Miney said...

You're not alone. I LOVE getting magazines in the mail! One of the great things about my new schedule is that I get to be the one to get the mail most days!!! I've missed it!

Anonymous said...

MSM is usually the last to post these deals and most of what is posted on her blog has already been posted on all the other blogs (consider her posts "repeats"). There are so many other wonderful blogs you should check into that give you more up to date info.

Heidi Stone said...

ANONYMOUS: Thanks for your thoughts, but I'm well aware that she mostly posts repeats. The thing I love about her site is that she posts LOTS of repeats and therefore I don't have to visit lots of other blogs to find it. It's all in one place for me and, with my busy life, I really appreciate that.

If any of my other readers are interested, perhaps you could post some of these "wonderful blogs" so we could check them out?

The Smiths said...

I love getting freebies in the mail, too. I rarely have a day where I have an empty mailbox. I can't remember where I got these 2 freebie magazines. But I am now getting Shape and Prevention for FREE!! I love it!! and don't are not alone!!