Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week has been rough on our family. My husband has been working about 15 hours a day - not by choice. He's exhausted. I'm exhausted. We've both been short with the kids. They haven't been sleeping. (I'm talking like, being up 3-4 hours after they've been put to bed at night). It's been a pretty long week.

BUT....I have to say that, in this economy, I am very thankful that my husband has a job - TWO jobs, at that - and that's he's being offered (eh hem, forced to work) overtime. Since my husband is not salaried, the extra money is always nice....especially when we just had 2 ER visits in the past month and are planning a trip to visit my parents in a few weeks.

That being said, I will also be very thankful when this week is over........

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