Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday . . . Having lots of children

This topic keeps coming up at me lately. I will probably only have three children, but my co-blogger will probably have many, many more. I have said before that I am fascinated by families who have lots and lots of children and take good care of them. You may have heard of the Duggars who have a show on TLC. They have 18 children (and counting). They have a very good book that it a very interesting read. You may have heard of Jon and Kate plus 8 also on TLC - they have 8 children under the age of 8 I believe. You may have heard of a woman in California today that just birthed a set of octuplets - that is right people 8 children at once.

Large families keep coming up in the news. Like I said I feel we can all learn a lot from large families whether or not we have 2 children or 12 children. I just wanted to make a list of things they have in common that we could try to do.

1. Be organized. I know that Michelle Duggar has admitted that she was not always organized but had to get organized by necessity. If you have watched Kate at all she may be a little too organized. The key is if you have a plan whether or not you always follow it, your day will go much smoother. Have a menu plan, have a daily schedule, make a cleaning schedule - these things will help your household run more smoothing and might just help you keep your sanity.

2. Prioritize. Keep your priorities in line - God (for Christians), Husband, children, house and the rest of the things you must do aren't really MUST DO, they are optional.

3. Study and Research. You need to read and study ideas about discipline and parenting. It kills me how people just have children and then come home and expect everything to fall into place. Take advice from people who are older than you and who have been successful at raising their own children. Read the Bible. Read some non-fiction books by authors you trust on parenting.

4. Lowering your debt. Having children is stressful enough so do your best to lower your debt. The Duggars have been debt free for many years and they save up to pay cash for things. You may have seen their really nice 7,000 square foot house. Well, they lived in that house a whole year without air conditioning even through a hot Arkansas summer until they saved up enough money to pay cash to buy an air conditioner that would cool that huge house. Sometimes we can do without for a little longer to have that freedom and peace of mind.

5. Staying at home. Sometimes staying at home and investing time with your children is the best thing you can do for them. When you are less stressed you can give more of yourself to your children. You are more creative and you spend less money!

I know there are so many more things we can learn from large families. Just remember on the days that you are about to tear your hair out, if Michelle Duggar can do it with 18, I can surely make it with 3 (or 4 or 5). How many of you have a large family? Do you have any tips to share?



VictoriaL said...

We are Victoria and Kevin plus 7. Our kids range in age from 2-16.

I totally agree Kate is a little too organized.

One tip that saves a lot of time and frustration is having a separate laundry basket for each room. Wash/Dry/Fold it all at once for each individual room. Then you don't waste time trying to match clothing to children.

Also when you purchase socks, buy identical socks. Matching up socks is such a time waster. Also, you don't have to worry when one is lost or gets a hole.

Last, DELEGATE! You don't have to be the one doing everything. Maybe you don't like the way the dishwasher gets stacked when you are not the one doing it but they get clean nonetheless.

Big families are fun!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Those are great ideas!