Friday, September 5, 2008

Foto Friday!

Sometimes I have struggles. Today my struggle revolves around which image to put up for Foto Friday. (I know, my life is SOOO tough.) I shot two weddings last weekend and both produced some amazing pictures! I've decided that, since there were two weddings, I should be allowed two photos this week, right? Right. I'm glad you agree.

Alright, so here is one from Friday's wedding:


And here is one from Saturday's wedding:


But like I said, I loved so many of them so please go check out the rest on my photography blog! Both of these weddings were just beautiful!

A small FYI: Although it wasn't one of my favorites, Gretchen really wants you to check out the butterfly picture. How's that, Gretchen? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey I need to find out when you can photograph my two little grandsons this fall!!! I can't ever get them smiling together or standing still long enough and I'm sure their mommies would love some alone pictures! How about when the leaves turn??? Barb Hansen

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Thank you, people, you must see the butterfly picture. I do love it.