Friday, January 25, 2008

Fitness Friday - Uh Oh!

So Fitness Friday has come. I have been thinking for a few days about what I would write about today. I did a little bit of research this week and wasn't really impressed with what I found. I was discussing this with my husband last night and he suggested I write about how hard it is to find the time to exercise with 3 small children in the house. I told him it wasn't the time I was lacking but rather the motivation.

In case you're not familiar with my family life, I have 3 little ones - my oldest is turning 3 next week, my middle child will be 2 in March, and my youngest is now 4 months old. (I know, I know....don't we know what birth control is?) I have about 7 lbs to lose before I am back down to my pre-pregnancy size. I am tired of the wearing the same pair of jeans everyday. And besides that, they're about to fall apart since they are constantly in the washing machine! I just can't justify buying another pair if they're not going to fit me very long.

So you think: No biggie, right? It's just 7 pounds! That should only take a few weeks!

Oh, wait. Did I forget to mention my downfall? CHOCOLATE. Cookies, cake, candy, chips (chocolate chips, that is). If it's chocolate, I like it.

Since I'm not interested in kicking the chocolate habit, I've got to start exercising.

A fitness center membership is out. The membership fee plus the cost of gas to get there and back plus the fact that my husband takes our only vehicle to work everyday adds up to one big NO.

A few weeks ago I bought one of those yoga balls. I thought 50% off was a pretty good price. After bringing it home, it sat on the counter for a few days. When I finally got it out, I discovered it was LOTS of fun to roll around on. Sure, I actually exercised on it a few times, but mostly it's just been sitting in my closet (taking up a LOT of room). The kids get it out every few days and play with it. I look at it often and think about how I should be using it. But do I actually get up and do anything with it? Rarely.

When I was in elementary school, I used to do an exercise video with my mom. I loved that video. (Yes, we always did the same one). I think I had the 15-minute cardio exercise memorized. So a few weeks ago I added "fitness videos" to my list of things to check out at the library. I thought it would be a good start to this exercising thing. I'm still thinking about it.

I'd like to go running, but's so darn cold outside! That, and I have asthma. Oh sure, I could go to the doctor and get a new inhaler. But that brings us back to the whole no vehicle thing.

Walking is a good alternative to running, I hear. Just as good for your health. Similar results in calories burned per mile. An excellent way to get fresh air. But let me ask you: Have you ever taken a walk with 2 toddlers in a double stroller and a chubby baby in a front carrier on your chest? That's about 90 pounds! Talk about some extra weight! I think I'd rather die from jogging.

So I guess I'm looking for ideas. Ideas for ways to exercise. Ideas for getting motivated. And dare I say...*Gulp*...ideas for cutting back on the chocolate. Something. Anything.

If my pants fall apart, we're all in trouble!

So, tell me....How do you stay motivated? What do you do in the winter when just the thought of exercising outside makes your saliva freeze over? How do you steer away from the desserts and junk food? Let me know what works for you!

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