Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Great Debate

Well, first off....let me just say that life has been crazy around here. We have had 4 out of the 6 people in our house sick this weekend, puking and the like. I don't think I need to go into details there. I'm sure you get the picture.

On top of that, I had two photo sessions last week (on top of having my own pictures taken), which is probably nothing to a photographer in any normal state of life, but considering I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, it's a pretty big deal over here. Also, I'm still trying to learn all the tricks to working Photoshop CS4,'s fun, but time-consuming.

Now....onto, eh hem....THE GREAT DEBATE.

Ok, so it's really not that big of a deal, but it's something my husband and I have been discussing. The issue is the television.

You see, we're not big TV-watchers over here. Well, to be correct, we're not TV-watchers at all right now since both of our TVs are of the box generation and neither of them were privileged enough to be hooked up to one of those fancy new devices which generate the ability to see the current HD channels.

But there is one time of year that I really like to watch TV. It's Christmastime. There are all those old holiday cartoons and Christmas specials and (dare I admit I like to watch these?) Hallmark movies.

I said it. I like Hallmark movies.

And then there's football. Nothing we really care about in this house, but since apparently many other people do, we always feel as if we can't invite people over for lunch on Sundays because, well....we definitely won't have the game on. You know, considering the whole...lack of ability to put it on.

I admit that a tiny part of me wants to get a new TV because I know there is a really great kids channel that is now available to non-cable subscribers. And well, since I run a business and everything, I do occasionally (or probably more often than I'd care to admit) place my children in front of some sort of educational (or not) movie while I'm working. I figure they'd probably enjoy mixing things up a bit.

Oh, and speaking of work....can you imagine how great those sweet little newborns would look if you got to see them on a beautiful 42" LCD screen? Uh yes. Gorgeous.

But I'm afraid I'll put my kids in front of it even more often than I already do, and frankly, I'm afraid of getting attached to it myself.

So the debate is up in the air. And clearly I've presented both sides of this debate equally and given both sides fair playing time here in this presentation.

What are your thoughts? How do you keep TV under control in your home? Do you consider "Sunday fellowship" and "potential business help" to be valid reasons to invest a few hundred dollars into an unnecessary piece of electronic equipment? I'd really love to hear your opinions on this topic and I'm sure you all have one. Please share. And I'll keep you posted on how The Great Debate is going on in our home.


Angel said...

That is a debate in our home too. We have a tv hooked up, no cable, but don't watch it a lot. We don't want people to get the wrong idea with our large tv that that is what we are focused on in our home. Ari usually only watches cartoons on Saturday mornings (with daddy) but I fear that as he gets older he will get accustomed to watching it more. I think for now the safest thing for him is to only be able to watch the christian channel cartoons or only movies that can be controlled without commercials OR nothing at all. I do think he is too young to be exposed to most of it, but I also feel he might be missing out on educational opportunities. And as for us, we pretty much control it to football games around this season.

Katy said...

Agh! We have one TV - a nice new one. I kind of miss having the old TV (25+ years) because I felt it was a good representation of how much we valued it - not a lot (or so I think). We've never had cable. There are a few shows we watch regularly, but our TV is on in the "background" way more than I'd like. I'm always asking, "are you watching this?" and turning it off. I feel like Sarah sees way too much TV. She's enthralled by the screen. And it's pretty distracting during became a bad habit to have it on - back when it took almost an hour to feed her. I try to keep it off during the day, but it's a big least once it's on. It might help to set some rules before the new TV arrives. Time limits or day limits - like only on in the AM, only on 1 hr a day, only on 4 days a week, only on when someone's sitting in front of it, etc.

Sarah said...

Josh and I don't watch TV. Occasionally we will watch a movie, maybe 2 times a year, and it has to be really worth the time. We used to watch the occasional football game, but since the commercials are so repulsvie, we don't watch sports anymore. The kids rarely watch TV. They watch Curious George every tuesday morning (becasue I need that extra time to get prepared for Bible study) And the little boys watch a couple things on PBS only on Wednesdays because that's my cleaning day. I have to have them watch something, otherwise they will be in the bathroom playing with my bleach and comet. TV is okay, too much TV is not good. How much is too much is the great debate I suppose. I think people should spend more time being productive and less time in front of the TV. It has become the idol of our time.

Amy's Anecdotes said...

Great topic. We limit our t.v time. We have two shows we like to watch during the week together(which is after Luke goes to bed), and I watch HGTV on occasion for ideas. Luke has a couple videos that we let him watch on occasion, and he really enjoys the nursery rhymes that we play for him on there, but again, we do this just on occasion. The problem we face is during football season (or baseball season) as during the weekend there is almost always a game on. We used to always have the t.v on for background but once Luke came along, that has been cut back a ton.
I know when we move, Keith really wants to get a new t.v for the basement to watch his sports, but im sure it wont be right away as we have other things we will need first that are more important. I would say if you really want a new t.v then go ahead and replace it, BUT I would not do it just for others (as im sure any sports fan would watch the game on any t.v)

Lindsey said...

Tell me more about this new Christian/kid-friendly channel. I hadn't heard about it. Scott and I may need to start tuning in this winter...ugg. :( I seriously would though like to find some nice show that we could "occasionally" watch. When it gets dark at 5, the evenings can get pretty long for this momma. Is that terrible?

katherine said...

hmmm...honestly, we wouldn't get it. maybe that's not what you want to hear, but it's what we'd do.

we have a new tv (given to us), but we don't get ANY stations on it for some weird reason -- we only watch DVDs after the kids are in bed. little man is allowed to watch one veggie tales a day, if he asks.

if your family wants to watch sports, then that might be a reason to get tv. but, don't do it for someone else. it's not worth it!

also, you're a great photographer. your work stands on it's own. you don't need a new big screen tv to convince folks their kids are cute and to buy your photos.

just sayin'...

also, i don't think it's sin to buy the tv.

Anna said...

Ah yes...the TV debate. We are pretty adamant about NOT watching TV. We did get the converter box - free, but have yet to watch TV since getting it. We do enjoy movies and lots of them. We subscribe to Netflix, so don't think we completely shut out TV. As far as entertaining, we have a strict rule - no tv. The TV is not even on the same floor as our guests are, so there is no temptation. We have people over to visit with - not become mindless blobs with (sorry if that is offensive, but that's what tv does). Hence the no TV rule. Plus, we can't stand background chatter/noise. Yes, we are weird people. But with all that said, we most CERTAINLY will be buying a new TV (someday). We would love to have the LED crispness and HDTV view for the movies we love. So, if you have the money and it doesn't put a hurt on your finances - go for it as long as you are doing it for YOU - not someone else. Also, think about where the economy is going...if you think that money would be better saved back or put into more useful tangible goods (especially if inflation hits early next spring), well, you may want to seriously weigh your options. But, this is just MY opinion.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the comments most are against so I will GO FOR THE BIG ONE! Get one if you want and don't if you do not!

I used to hate TV, you know that!
However as you get older and "childless" it is a fun thing to do, cuddle on the couch with a blanket on long nights alone, (If your partner works nights) or with him on a night off. :)

the smells of popcorn and warm fuzzies fills my mind. :)

Springtime, fall and
summertime put it AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!